Celebrating Equality vs. Feminism, “Kapakanan ni Juana, Isama sa Agenda”

Tie a purple ribbon on your shirt this March 8, celebrate equality vs. feminism on the globe. This year’s theme for the International Women’s Day is a “Pledge for Parity,” and in line with the global event, going on its 41st year, the Philippines Commission on Women is holding its own 2016 National Women’s Month Celebration. The theme: “Kapakanan ni Juana, Isama sa Agenda” is promoted.

 International Women's Day 2016

Is being an active feminist mean marching down the highway carrying a real womanistic slogan?

Would it be an equal right for a woman to imitate the same male working/political life?

Today, with our modernistic beliefs, being feministic can also stand for a lot of ways. Even when you are a high school teacher, professional engineer, physician, interior designer, driver, student, athlete or simply just a plain housewife, the implementation of how their roles are looked upon inside their jobs is a big reason why many women pursue and deny on being a feminist.

Moreover, during accepting the fact of recognizing the present women’s rights, believing and following these rules requires a great understanding as well as strength from us women. At this point, I can say, it means that fighting for my own humanistic rights is, actually, different from being an active feminist. Whereas, supporting for the men’s rights should be another issue to tackle on.

#IWD2016 and PCW advocates the success of women from many places all over countries, of our times. A call for further boosting efforts on gender mainstreaming is set, even over many changes that we have already seen on global feminism, like the positive results of programs on social cultural, politics, economic, religious performances, decision making positions, inhibiting ambitions on both older women and younger girls of the nation.

Know your standing as today’s “Juana.” Executive Director Emmeline L. Verzosa and her staff at PCW have established a goal of an improved service to local “Juanas” this 2016.

Here is a list of some imperative dates to go to during the spearheading of the Philippine’s National Women’s Month as well as IWD this year:

  1. February 29 (Monday) – annual flag raising at the Malacañang Palace for the Office of the President (OP) officials and employees on planning and execution of the said whole month celebration.
  2. March 3 to 4 (Thursday and Friday) – ceremonial dinner and opening of the said program will be covered under the Magna Carta of Women and Product Fair of the nearly concluding PCW-AECID Project. Where invited participants are only the LGUs, stakeholders together with the representatives of project pilot sites and cooperating national government agencies.
  3. March 8 (Tuesday) – also, to be held at the Malacañang Palace, the main program of the International Women’s Day Celebration starts that discuss its global impact and what’s inside the State of the Filipino Women Report (SFW) to the guests, who comprise of government, non-government and private sector partners.
  4. March 11 (Friday) – The Great Women Market Watch will be held at the Yuchengco Museum, RCBC Plaza, Makati City, at 8am. Only female entrepreneurs coming from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and women-led social active offices will take part. They are also enjoined by big and small companies, feminist organizations and groups, the embassy and government representatives, as well as famous celebrities and top media associations.
  5. March 16 (Wednesday) – “Sama-Samang Pagsulong Sa Mga Agenda Ni Juana” will happen at the Quirino Grandstand, Rizal Park, Manila. This will be open to the public. Program starts at 6am. To attend the event on gender parity and promotion of women’s empowerment both local and at global scale, there should be about 5,000 attendees coming from national government agencies, LGUs, varied schools and universities, private and government offices, diversified social organizations together with the public viewers.

Make your own HerStory now. Give yourself to a fight for women and “Juanas.” For the complete shirt and logo designs, visit www.PCW.gov.ph right away!